The Hunger Project Canada

The Hunger Project’s mission is to end hunger.   Not the sudden shortages of food that are due to war, drought, or natural disasters.  Those acute emergencies are called famine.  And although famine makes the news far too often, it accounts for less than 8% of hunger deaths worldwide each year. 

Their mission is to end the chronic, persistent hunger that accounts for the remaining 92% of hunger deaths worldwide.   Chronic hunger is not about a lack of food.  Chronic hunger is about a lack of access to food, which occurs because we have failed to organize our societies in ways that ensure that every person has the chance to live a healthy and productive life.  

The Hunger Project does not enter an area of the world and declare to have answers to all of the problems of its people.  The process is quite the opposite in fact, in that The Hunger Project, before meeting any "regular" citizens hashes out an agreement with the governing bodies in the region.  You see, for a community to really truly become self sustaining, and end their own hunger, they must have the opportunity to take the steps necessary to see that through to fruition.  Oftentimes the thing standing in the way is the government itself.  The Hunger Project will not begin work in an area where the support of the government cannot be obtained.  If we did, we would be setting the people up to fail. 

Once the government is on board, The Hunger Project sets to work amongst the people.  They begin by gathering everyone in the area who has interest, and working together to answer questions like "what do we need?" and "how could things be better?"  Based on the answers to these questions, THP staff and volunteers walk the community members through the first steps of solving their hunger problem.  Often this means identifying and creating a source of revenue, organizing details around that, and learning how to stick with it.  A great account of this process happening in rural Africa, as told by THPC ED Malgorzata, can be found in this article.

Through this process of discovery, obvious leaders emerge.  Those leaders are then trained to motivate their peers, to continuously look for ways to change, to make better, to grow.  These leaders are then hired and put in charge of inspiring others in their area to take charge of their own destiny and end their own hunger.  It becomes a beautiful pattern of people leading their people, and working together to be lifted up and out of their undesireable situations. 


Learn more about The Hunger Project Canada by watching the video below.