Chalmers Community Services Centre

       Chalmers Community Services Centre was established in 1997.  Since then, they have been offering food, clothing, diapers, bedding, small household items and mending at no cost to those in need.  Support and referral is also available. 

       CCSC serves all in need without asking for any proof of need, and allows guests to make their own food choices based on dietary and religious restrictions and personal taste.   The volunteers host the pantry, as well as cafe days at which times they assist the guests, and get to know them,  which creates a familiar, welcoming space and a sense of community.  They strive to serve those in need without prejudice; all are welcome. 

     Some very exciting news is that CCSC has partnered with The County of Wellington, The Circles program and Meridian Credit Union to offer Micro Financing.  This will open up many opportinities for guests, and other community members to lift themselves out of  their current situations.   


Find out more about Chalmers Community Services Centre by watching the video below.